World History

Course Number: 45.3830001  (1/2 Unit A Section)
45.3830002  (1/2 Unit B Section)
45.3830000  (1 Unit Course)

Course Content

A Section Includes B Section Includes
•Ancient River Valley Civilizations
•Ancient Greeks and Romans
•Byzantines, Islam, and the Mongols
•Early African and Meso-American Societies
•The Middle Ages
•The Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation
•Age of Exploration
•The Age of Enlightenment and The Age of Revolutions
•The Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, and Imperialism in the 19th Century
•World War I
•The Years Between the Wars
•World War II
•The Cold War
•Global Issues 1945 - Today

 A final exam is provided for all sections of this course.