Credit Recovery Student Information

How do I enroll in a CR course?
Please contact the Credit Recovery site coordinator at your local school. The school site coordinator must enroll students into a course.

Once enrolled in a course...
●    You have 26 weeks to complete your course. Please adhere to the specific guidelines established by your local school.
●    Contact your site coordinator for all course questions, technical issues, and scheduling of the EOC.

How do I work through my CR course?
1.    Read the welcome and course introduction.
2.    Take the unit one pretest.
3.    If you score an 85% or higher, you do not have to work through all assignments (Skip to #5).
4.    If you score lower than 85%, you must work through all content within the unit.
5.    Take the unit post test. You must score 70% or higher on the post test to move on to the next unit.