10th Grade Language Arts

Course Number: 23.3620001  (1/2 Unit A Section)
  23.3620002  (1/2 Unit B Section)
  23.3620000  (1 Unit Course)

Course Content

A Section Includes B Section Includes
  • Research and MLA Foundations
  • Fiction:  Novels and Short Stories
  • Nonfiction:  Speaches, Essays, and Informational Texts
  • Poetry:  The Sonnet
  • Shakespearean Drama
  • Informative and Argumentative Essays
  • Narrative Nonfiction
  • Poetic Forms
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Traditional Short Stories
  • Literary Analysis

 A final exam is provided in both sections of this course.

This course requires reading a novel, poems, or short stories that may not be available on the Internet. Schools will need to arrange for access to this material for students, or the resources may be checked out at a library or purchased for use in this course.

All Language Arts courses include a writing unit to be utilized by school districts. This unit provides directions, writing prompts, and scoring rubrics to meet the GPS for the course.