Mastery Course Completion

To help districts and schools maintain continuity of learning for their  high schools' students, especially graduating seniors, Georgia Virtual School will provide access to its credit recovery program, Master  Course Completion, until June 15th for high school students. Enrollment for this program, which will have limited space, begins April 15, 2020. 

Georgia Virtual offers 23 online courses that allow students to complete credits toward graduation. Course delivery is teacher-less; however, Georgia Virtual staff members can assist with student supports. Contact your local school coordinator (often the high school counselor) for information on how to get students enrolled. Local monitor training is required before enrollments. Training is available now.

Enrollment window for Spring 2020 credit April 15-22.  Completion of course by June 15.

Kristen Shepherd -
Karen Kennedy -
or 404-561-1671


The acceptance of this program for college athletes by NCAA is unknown.